If you’ve read our story about why we homeschool, you already know that Grasshopper did attend public school for preschool and kindergarten.  There were MANY times I had considered pulling him from public school during Kindergarten and making the transition to homeschooling.  But, I didn’t we waited it out and let him finish kindergarten. I wish we hadn’t.  If I could take anything back, it would be that we pulled him when my gut first told me to.

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Truth was, I just wasn’t ready to make that leap.  We did eventually make the decision to homeschool him, and I am so glad we did.  Especially since we’ve learned of his dyslexia and ADHD since then.  Homeschooling is the best choice for Grasshopper, and even he will admit that.

Transition from public to homeschool

Like I said, I wish I would have just pulled Grasshopper from public school sooner.  Chances are I’m not the only person who has ever thought about during this during the school year.  You can pull your child at any time and choose to homeschool.

If you make the decision to transition to homeschooling  during Christmas break, you’re giving yourself some time to figure out HOW you want to homeschool.  It gives you a chance to research and order any curriculum without sending your child back to school.  If you’re school break is a little longer than the public school break, don’t beat yourself up!  You’re doing school on your terms now! (all within your state’s laws anyway 😉 )

If you pull your child from public school at any other time, it’s ok to take a couple days off.  You can also buy yourself some time by utilizing the library and pinterest.  Don’t feel bad, we all do it.

How to transition from public to homeschool

This is probably the most difficult yet simplest step there is.  It’s the most difficult because you’re taking a leap of faith.  You know public school and you’re familiar with it.  Homeschooling on the other hand might be like charting new territory for you.  It can be scary to make that leap of faith into the homeschooling world.

If you’re still unsure about whether this is the right decision for your family, please utilize my Consulting Services.  I would love to talk through the decision with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are sure you’re ready to transition to homeschooling, you simply need to follow your state guidelines to notify the school district of your intent to homeschool.  You can look up your own state’s laws on HSLDA’s website.

Starting your homeschool journey

Once you’ve made the leap, it’s time to start your journey!  This will feel overwhelming at first.  You might start looking at all the curriculum options, theories, methods and start to second guess yourself.  Don’t panic!  I’ll tell you a little secret, all homeschool moms go through a period of trial and error to see what works for them and their kids.

I suggest by starting your journey by specifying your goals and making your own mission statement.  This will help you weed out some of those homeschool methods and curriculum options that won’t be a good fit for you.  I would also love to help you find curriculum options to help fit your family and budget.  Simply email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to help!

I also suggest finding local homeschool groups.  These are great opportunities for your kids to get out and participate in various activities with other kids.  It’s also a great way to build a group of friends that are there to support you along the way.  Even if you don’t know anyone, ask around they’re out there!