A beautiful poem by a great friend of ours and fellow parent of a son with autism.  Our John shares a van to school with their son, and it’s been a huge boost for us to get to know them and become friends over the past few years.  It’s be surprisingly therapeutic to have a few moments to chat with others in a similar situation and hear them talk about sleepless nights and other struggles that mirror our own. 

May Sara’s poem provide you some strength and comfort in knowing that we, the parents of special needs children are never alone.   


We, the Parents of Autism


We, The Parents of Autism

By Sara Dubuque Moldavsky


I know you

I know your daily struggles and frustrations

I know the fears that keep you up at night

I know a heartache that still surprises you,

Even after all these years


I know you

I know the jealousies you harbor

I know of dreams long lost

I know the anger you feel deep, deep inside,

But somehow manage to hide


I know you

I know what it’s like to be different

I know the hurt of being left out

I know head banging, hitting and screaming,

So very much screaming


I know you

I know an emptiness from not connecting

I know the guilt of pondering, “why me?”

I know your worries for your child’s future,

Who will take care of them when I’m gone?


I know you

I know your desperation to fix them

I know the harshness when you can’t

I know your yearning for an easier life,

Even if it’s just for one day


I know you

You are 1 in 59 children


I know you

You are families just like mine


I know you

Yet I haven’t met you,


I know you,

But I do not need to


I know you

Because you are me,


And I am you

We are the parents of autism


I know your journey

Your pain

Your sorrow

Your loneliness

Your anger

Your guilt

Your wanting to give up,

Yet you never do


But I also know your strength

Your incredible, unwavering, impossible strength

Your perseverance

Your devotion

Your resilience

Your hope

Your faith

Your joy

Your endless, unconditional, unstoppable love


We are fighters in the trenches

We are warriors who never give up

We love purely and protect fiercely

We are stronger than we ever knew

We forge our difficult journey, often alone

We are bonded with each other

We see the beauty of our children

We know small victories are not small at all

We take nothing for granted

We have gained a rare perspective,

That only an experience like ours can give

We know what truly matters


Autism has changed us

It has made us better,

But not defined us

We see the blessing bestowed on us

A special gift like no other

One that we share together

It unites us forever

We, the parents of autism