I have received science curriculum from Sonlight in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review. My thoughts are my own, for more information please see my full disclosure .

We’ve been using Sonlight Science for the past two years in our homeschool. If you’re not already aware, Sonlight is a Christian homeschool curriculum company. When it comes to Christian homeschoolers and science, there seem to be two camps with different viewpoints. One camp requires every single piece of text their child comes across to be free from any secular point of view. The other camp, the one I belong to, is actually happy to see some text that might oppose our Christian beliefs.

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I frequently hear homeschoolers complaining when a Christian science curriculum isn’t 100% Biblical. I would argue, it’s a good thing to expose our children to various viewpoints. Before you stop reading, hear me out.

For the sake of this post you should know we’ve done level B and are currently using Level C of Sonlight science.

What You’ll Find in Sonlight Science

Like me, Sonlight holds the belief that God is the creator of the universe as written out in the book of Genesis.

Even though Sonlight firmly believes God created the world by intelligent design, you will find secular books within their science curriculum.

Now, I’m not saying that Sonlight is teaching evolution, so don’t jump to that conclusion. However, you will be reading some books written by authors who hold to the theory of evolution. You’ll know this because you’ll come to phrases such as “millions of years ago”.

I should also point out that phrases like this are not an every day occurrence. I’ve only come across them a handful of times.

I know many will disagree with me on this, but I actually APPRECIATE this.

Stick with me here and let me explain.

Instructor’s Guide Helps Lead Into Great Discussions.

Allowing our children to hear different viewpoints opens the door to discuss what we believe based on the Bible. It also leads to discussions of what others might believe.

The Instructor’s Guide for the curriculum will help guide you through discussing these things. It offers the information needed to combat statements that elude to evolution based on Biblical worldview. There are even internet links provided you might find helpful.

Encourages Critical Thinking Beyond Science

There are so many different worldviews today. So many in fact that even Christian believers argue over what is and isn’t right.

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Our children will hear lies or statements believed to be true on a regular basis. (does “fake news” ring a bell) Allowing our children to be exposed to opposing viewpoints will help them develop critical thinking skills. Secular science books will teach them to think through information given to them before blindly accepting it as truth.

Teaches Us  to Compare Secular Worldviews to the Bible

Testing various worldviews against what the Bible has to say about them is a skill that our children will benefit from greatly. This of course goes well beyond science. Every belief system can be either confirmed as Biblical or not when we learn to refer to the Bible.

Using a science program that allows for some secular viewpoints is a great way to teach this life skill while our children are still home with us.

Prepares Our Kids to Leave the Nest

Let’s face it. We live in a fallen world. If we don’t allow our children to be exposed to conflicting viewpoints they won’t be prepared for what’s out there.

I get where the other camp is coming from. You know, those who shield their kids from anything that goes against the Bible. As parents, we want our kids to know the truth. We don’t want them to believe that things like the theory of evolution are indeed fact. We want them to have a strong steadfast foundation in their faith.

Of course these things are all well and good, but….

What I’m asking you to consider here is the fact that it is Biblical to know your enemy and be prepared to fight. Before the Israelites took the promised land, the Lord commanded Moses to send spies (see Numbers 13). They needed to know what there were to be up against. Even though God would be with them in battle, He instructed them to be prepared by knowing what they would be facing.

If we are to expect our children to be able to stand firmly in their faith when they leave home, we must make sure they know what they will be up against. It is our responsibility to make sure they are ready to stand up for their Christian faith.

How can they be ready if they don’t know what will be thrown at them?

How can they defend even the first passages of scripture, creation, if they have no concept of what the theory of evolution is?

Final Thoughts

I understand the want to shield our kids from the fallacies this world has accepted as truth. But are we really doing them any favors by blinding them to what is being taught as truth to so many unbelievers? If we try to keep them wrapped up in this tiny bubble they will be run over when they leave the protection our homeschool has to offer.

One of our jobs as parents is to give our kids the tools they need to succeed in this world. As a Christian parent, one of those tools is the ability to stand firm in their faith.

I for one am happy to use a science curriculum that blends secular viewpoints with discussions that point to the truth in the Bible. After all, our children also need to know WHY we believe what we believe.