I think one of the many reasons homeschool skeptics are skeptics is because they are worried about what the future holds after graduation. Between their lack of information and buying into homeschooling myths, many skeptics think homeschooled children will be unprepared to enter the “real world”.  They’re worried about what is in store for a homeschool graduate.

homeschool | homeschooling | kids who are homeschooled | kids who were homeschooled | homeschooled kids | homeschooled | homeschooled kid | homeschool graduate | homeschool graduation | homeschooled kids in collegeContrary to common belief, a homeschool graduate doesn’t just sit around home waiting to find someone to marry and then start the cycle all over again. Ok, some might do this but not the majority of us.  Truth is, most homeschool graduates go on to live productive lives in various career paths.  Today I am writing to you as one such homeschool graduate.

My Education

I attended public school through eighth grade and was homeschooled through high school.  I am the oldest of 4 kids, and I was wrapping up 8th grade when my parents decided to start homeschooling.  Actually my youngest two brothers hadn’t started school yet and my parents had decided to homeschool them.  Because I was going into high school, my parents actually gave me the choice for my education.

At first I wanted nothing to do with being homeschooled.  But I did keep an open mind, tagged along to some smaller homeschool workshops and prayed about it.  After a while I started to be intrigued, then started to get excited about it.  I made the decision to give homeschooling a try a couple weeks before my freshman year was set to begin.  I think my parents were both surprised and excited, which was quickly followed by scrambling to try to figure out how to homeschool high school a couple weeks before the school year started. (sorry mom)!

Homeschool Graduate – On to College

Honestly, I don’t understand why so many assume a homeschool student will have problems getting into college.  In full disclosure, I am not a genius, nor did I ever apply to a top ivy league school.  That being said, I got into every college I applied for.

My senior year of high school, I actually took advantage of the post secondary education option (PSEO) by attending a local college.  This allowed me to get some generals out of the way.  I was the youngest person in all of my classes, and I was surprised by how many were struggling through the material.  To be honest, I maybe spent an hour or two outside of class on studying and I got top score in my classes.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed with the level of education at this college.  When I graduated from high school I moved on to a different college.

College Life Away From Home

My first year of college, I attended school in Florida (I’m from Minnesota).  That’s right I pretty much moved across the country to a college where I didn’t know anyone.  Guess what, this homeschool graduate did just fine living away from home.  I’m sure my parent’s weren’t thrilled with the idea of me living so far away.  But my point is this, homeschool graduates can move out of mom and dad’s house and manage to live just fine.

The school I attended in Florida wasn’t my first choice in schools, but it was the more affordable one which was a big reason I gave it a shot.  After one year there I decided on two things.  The first was to change my major, and the second was that I didn’t agree with many of their Biblical doctrine.  For the sake of my spiritual health, I needed to change schools.

Next I landed in what was my first school of choice all along.  Like I said before, I never had any problems getting into a college.  I stayed here until graduating with my Bachelor’s degree.  I loved college life.

Social Life

I married my husband Todd three months after graduating college.  For the record, we did not meet in college.  Sorry, the myth that homeschooled women only to go college to meet their husbands isn’t (always) true.

That’s right, this homeschool graduate was able to be out in the real world, earn her bachelor’s degree, meet someone, fall in love and get married.  I didn’t spend my days either in class, studying, or hiding away in my parent’s house while life passed by.  While I did attend classes and study, I was also out socializing, and making friends.

I had friends in college from many different backgrounds.  Homeschooling did not have a negative impact on my ability to meet people and socialize after graduating.  In fact, if anything kept me from socializing it was the fact that I’m a huge introvert.


I started working in the field of financial planning as a junior in college.  This remained my career field for about 12 years, until last year when I officially decided to be a stay at home mom.  Homeschooling prepared me for college, which prepared me for my career.  Ok, maybe college prepared me for my internship which is what really prepared me for my career.  You just can’t beat real life experience.

Homeschool graduates have just as many choices in career paths as a public school graduate.  I know many who are now teachers, nurses, dental assistants, entrepreneurs, IT geeks, chiropractors, accountants, missionaries.  The possibilities are endless.  I mean really endless, after all I’m working on making a career by blogging as a work from home mom!

Homeschool Graduate to Homeschool Mom

Just because I am a homeschool graduate, it didn’t automatically mean I  had plans to homeschool our kids.  In fact, Grasshopper started out in public school and Ladybug still attends public school due to her extensive special needs.  You can read more about why we do and don’t homeschool here.  That being said, I love everything about how my life and family have come together.

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I feel like all I have experienced as a result of homeschooling has prepared me to be the women God has called me to be.  A wife, and mother spending her time raising up the next generation.  A women who is not afraid to stand firm in her Biblical convictions and raise our children to do the same.

So to all the homeschool skeptics out there, I am living proof that a homeschool graduate can thrive as an adult.