The school year is well underway and hopefully, you’ve settled into your schedule.  Our homeschool year is off to a great start especially after changing our history curriculum.  If there’s one thing I learned last year (my first year homeschooling) is that if your curriculum isn’t working change it!  I did this last year with spelling class.  I wish I would have also done it with reading, but oh well lesson learned.

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Homeschool Curriculum Considerations

If you find yourself questioning if your curriculum is the best fit for your family, consider the following:

  1. Are your children engaged in the lessons?
  2. Do they retain what they’ve been taught?
  3. Are you constantly fighting them to do school?
  4. Are the comprehending the lessons?
  5. Do they enjoy the activities or assignments associated with the lessons?
  6. Are they rushing through assignments just to get them done, and not learning as a result?

If you answered yes to any of all of these questions, look for ways to tweak your curriculum.  Are there any ways you can change it up a bit to fit your child better?  If there are ways you can adapt it, try it for a couple of weeks and reevaluate.  If you can’t adapt it (or tried to adapt and it still didn’t help) and it just isn’t working, it’s time to ditch it and move on.

Be Flexible With Your Curriculum Choices

Please learn from my mistakes, don’t hold onto a program just because you thought it was the best choice.  If it isn’t working, it isn’t worth the frustrations both you and your children are experiencing by sticking with it.  Homeschooling should be a positive experience, picking the right curriculum for your children is one of the keys to making that happen.

Oftentimes, the secret to a successful homeschool is learning to be flexible and adapt as you go. Sometimes, that means changing the curriculum.