Deciding which course of action for your child’s education should not be taken lightly.  Unfortunately for so many families there is little to no thought put into this decision.  Most will blindly enroll their children in public school.  I’ll admit, the thought is appealing.  I mean it’s free, and your kids are out of your hair during the day.  The pressures of teaching them how to read, and multiply are no longer yours.  However, I fear so many people are are opting for public school without considering what it means.  Or without considering their options, like to homeschool.

Reasons to Homeschool

While homeschooling is still far from mainstream, it’s popularity is growing each year.  More and more people are considering the homeschool option and realizing it’s advantages.  While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the advantages of homeschooling here are my favorites.

  1. I can use Bible based resources/curriculumshould I homeschool | how to homeschool | start homeschooling | how to start homeschooling | homeschooling consultation | homeschool consultation | reasons to homeschool
  2. Our schedule can be very flexible
  3. Tailor lessons based on our child’s interests
  4. If one curriculum isn’t working, I can dump it and use another
  5. Adapt our school day to best fit their learning disabilities (ADHD and dyslexia in our case)
  6. Teach and use curriculum based on their learning style (not the whole class learning one way)
  7. Introduce/discuss un-biblical worldviews on my terms.
  8. They can learn without all the social pressure
  9. Developing a deeper relationship with our children
  10. Evenings are not being consumed with homework

Another reason homeschooling is becoming more popular is that they are unhappy with the performance of our public schools.  Again, this list isn’t extensive, but the following are some areas of concern many families are facing.

  1. Students are “learning” things from other students at an inappropriate age.
  2. Students are under a lot of social pressure to fit in, often causing them to loose focus on their education
  3. Class sizes means some children don’t get the attention they need, causing them to fall behind
  4. They are being taught from a secular worldview (I realize this may or may not be a concern for you)
  5. Teacher’s often push their own political ideals/agendas, often without even realizing it
  6. Common Core and school performance is causing a lot of concern
  7. Safety concerns have grown with an increase in school violence
  8. Students are in school all day and often have hours worth of homework to do each night

Make an Informed Schooling Decision

Now, I am the first to admit that the choice to homeschool is not for everyone.  I mean, remember I do have a child still in public school.  However, I also hope that you will not take your child’s education decision lightly.  I hope you prayerfully consider your options and weigh your decision.

I realize that many are considering the idea of homeschooling their children but have no idea where to start.  There are so many questions to consider.  Is this for me?  Can I homeschool? Where do I start? What does it cost?  What curriculum should I use?  There are so many things to consider it can make your head hurt.