From time to time I like to check in with Grasshopper on how he feels about being homeschooled.  The following are his thoughts on how homeschooling is going.  Keep in mind his viewpoint is that of a second grader dealing with both ADHD and dyslexia.  I also typed his answers as he spoke.  Like any blog post, I didn’t want to change his voice.  This means it’s written as an 8-year-old would answer, not grammatically correct.

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Do you like being homeschooled?  

Yes, I like being homeschooled.

What do you like about being homeschooled?  

You don’t have to do school all day.  I get to take breaks.  I’m not bored as much.  You really help me with my dyslexia. I like doing science experiments.

What don’t you like about being homeschooled?  

I don’t play with friends as often, because they are in school all day.

If you had the choice of homeschooling or going back to public school, which would you choose?  Why?  

Homeschool, because I can still play with my friends when they get home from school.  I don’t think public school fits me really.  Because I was bored all day long (in public school).  You have to work all day long in public school, and it was a lot harder for me.  I was naughty in school.  I knew I was being bad in school but didn’t know why I was being bad. (as his mom I can tell you it was his ADHD)

If you could change anything about our homeschool what would it be?  

Always do experiments and projects, no more reading or spelling.

What do you enjoy studying the most?  

Science and History.

It can be fun to hear what our kids have to say about homeschooling.  One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is your child can have some input on what you study.  That being said, mom has the final say and despite Grasshopper’s wishes we will still be learning how to read and spell.

Have you asked your kids how they feel about being homeschooled?

I would love to hear their thoughts, comment below!