Everything about a special needs family is unique.  The needs of a special needs mom are no exception.  Of course we have the normal mom worries and responsibilities.  However, our worries and responsibilities as special needs parents are more than double that of an average parent.  Like all moms, our kids come first.  But the weight of raising a special needs child can be incredibly taxing on our physical bodies (I’m icing my back right now), our emotional well being, and our wallets.

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Special needs moms often feel forgotten, lonely, and discouraged.  If you have a special needs mom friend in your life and you’re looking for simple ways to encourage and bless her this Christmas, I’ve created an idea list for you.

Gift Ideas for a Special Needs Mom

  1. A treat from the upscale bakery in town.  You know the one with amazingly sinful desserts that are considered a splurge.  Special needs moms need chocolate, and they need chocolate that’s as amazing as she is.  Maybe throw in a bottle of wine or a latte too.
  2. Take her out for supper.  Special needs parenting can be lonely and Christmas time can make her feel more invisible than ever.   Plus, it’s a time when the special needs grieving process can be especially hard.  Let her know you value her friendship.
  3. Encouraging books.  I recommend Finding Glory in the Thornes.
  4. Spa services.  I could type a whole blog post telling you how valuable self care is for special needs moms.  I can also tell you we never do it!  There are many reasons we neglect to take care of ourselves from time, feelings of guilt, to money.  We simply don’t take care of ourselves, but we need to.  Send us to be pampered.  And feel free to “wrap” the coupon in a luxury spa gift set :).
  5. Devotionals.  I recently purchased Warrior in the Mirror and can’t wait for it to be delivered.  If there’s anyone out there who needs to be a warrior and needs God’s strength to do it, it’s a special needs mom.
  6. Arrange for cleaning services.  Even having someone come to our house once a month will help lighten our load.  Having received this gift, I can assure you there are fewer higher pleasures than having someone else clean your home!
  7. Gift cards for gas stations or restaurants.  I know it sounds like a boring gift, but we spend a lot of time on the road for medical appointments.  Having some extra help with travel expenses would help ease financial strain special needs families often feel.
  8. Offer to babysit.  It’s very easy for marriages to be put on the back burner in special needs families.  In fact the divorce rate for special needs families is pretty high.  Offer to babysit and send us out on a date night.
  9. This Relaxation Bath Package looks amazing!  Bath bombs, natural soaps, bath salts, sugar scrubs…I’m melting just thinking about it.
  10. Your time.  More than anything we long for that friend who will be there when we need a shoulder to cry on, or need a good laugh.  Reach out and invest in your friendship.

Be a Friend

As you can see from some of the gift suggestions, the simple act of investing in your friendship is priceless.  Seek out your special needs mom friends and let them know you think of them.  Let them know you see them. Call her, text her, meet for breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner, a late night dessert run.

Inspire and encourage them.  They need it & will appreciate it more than you realize.